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Optimize Your Impact


• creative • intuitive • non-formulaic •

Strategy Works' mission:
to illuminate what you bring to the world, to engage more of the right people


Optimize Your Impact


• creative • intuitive • non-formulaic •

Strategy Works' mission:
to illuminate what you bring to the world, to engage more of the right people

Fresh Perspectives

• Strategies • Messages • Ideas •

Opportunities & Problems Identified, then Seized or Solved


 Find Opportunities & Problems, Identify Solutions

• astute, agile, resourceful consulting
• sharply focused on the challenges at hand, creatively attuned to innovative solutions
• rich insights & big ideas

Reach the Right Audiences with the Right Ideas & Messages

• deeper understanding of value, meaning, audiences
• identify overlooked connections and insights
• targeting, category definition, products, services, names, tactics

Eclipse Competition and Clutter

• compelling positioning & clear articulation of value, benefits, ideas
• optimized to engage and compel constituencies
• vision, mission, values, culture, value proposition, positioning, messages, descriptions of offerings


Illuminate Your Value

Engage More People



  • Versatile consulting, from fresh review of existing knowledge & assumptions to complete strategy development
  • Mission Assistance; identification and articulation of vision, mission, values, etc.
  • Integral support for development of products, services, experiences, or communication efforts
  • Qualitative research


  • Fresh perspectives & clarity, undiscovered opportunities
  • Rich understanding of value, target audiences, and how to connect them meaningfully
  • Optimized purpose, value proposition, categories, targeting
  • Compelling positioning, messages
  • Potent ideas for products, services, tactics
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FINDING ways to amplify your impact.

great opportunities, new audiences, powerful articulations


Ideas surround us in abundance, whispering quietly among life's cacophony. Most of them slip right by most people's fields of attention.

Try ignoring all of your electronics for a few hours during a busy part of the day. Observe everything around you. Count the ideas!


I pay attention a little differently than most. With abounding curiosity, strong intuition, and a keen eye for potential, I identify ideas and idea fragments that will serve your objectives, then I give them enough form for you to run with them.

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James Rosenfield


James Rosenfield

I'm a highly creative strategic thinker. I love this work, and I've been helping big brands and important causes around the world for over three decades. I'm particularly good at identifying the most appropriate constituencies, then helping to effectively communicate with them (positioning, messages, etc.) and serve them (products, services, etc.). I've worked extensively with far-reaching efforts for widely diverse geographies, cultures, and classes of constituents.


I view success in this work as reaching the right people with the right messages about the right offers. It sounds so straightforward, but so many seem to miss the mark again and again. My "secret sauce" has three primary ingredients:

- CURIOSITY. Abounding wonder about how things work, what motivates people, why the sky is blue.

- INTUITION. Creative instincts to help understand how things connect and don't; complemented by very strong logic.

- IDEAS. I generate ideas. Creative ideas. Ideas with feeling; the kind that formulas, models, tests, and analytics don't generate.


I see connections and possibilities that most people don't. My talents are mostly innate, and they tend to be at their best in live interaction with others. In a nutshell, here is what I will bring to your opportunity or challenge:

· getting it: quick study, sharp & clear strategic thinking
· playing with it: a curious provocateur
· parsing it: compelled to find deeper meaning
· contextualizing it: breadth of experience, maturity
· helping it: fresh and useful insights, perspectives, ideas
· nailing it: clear, concise, and compelling articulations are what I'm known for
· impact-driven: profit-savvy and highly motivated to deliver value & meaning
· forthright, spirited, funny, playful: serious productivity can be joyous


Strategy and ideation (idea generation) are intuitive flow rather than predetermined process for me. I'm plenty logical, but my creativity transcends rules and expectations. I see things as they are with heightened clarity, I envision possibilities, and I help turn visions into pragmatic pursuits. While my process evolves as knowledge and ideas emerge, it is firmly grounded in competent investigation and the search for ambitious yet realistic objectives. Sometimes the flow isn't perfectly tidy, which makes some people uncomfortable, but a tidy process often overlooks the best ideas and yields mundane results.


Projects take many forms. Several things that I do extremely well are outlined above. And I have successfully completed many major projects for which additional expertise and manpower was needed. My methods of identifying and screening contract partners are tried and proven, and anything I commit to is always fulfilled to the highest standards.

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Clients & Partners


Clients & Partners

James Rosenfield (linkedin)

Driving impact since age 13; many causes, many brands, many cultures, many countries.


3Com (digital networking)
Academic Systems (education software)
American Express
Apple Computers
Axlon Games (a Nolan Bushnell Venture)
Bank of America
Broderbund (education software)
Coca Cola Company
Daewoo Motor America
Decipher Inc (games)
Excite (search engine)
Hewlett-Packard (many divisions)
Home Savings of America
Mechanics Bank
Mitsubishi Electric
Newell Rubbermaid (writing instruments)
Pacificare HMO
PF Magic (games)
Pottery Barn
S3 (PC graphics)
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
Siemens Business Communications (telephone systems)
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.
Westin Hotels
Yum Brands


Advertising Agencies

Anderson & Lembke
Foote Cone & Belding
Highway One
McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown
McKinney & Silver
Team One
Wolfe Doyle
Young & Rubicam


Non-Profits, NGOs

Pro-Bono & Paid Consulting, Volunteer Work

AIDS Health Project, CA
Bridgemen, CA
Business Volunteers for the Art, CA & NY
California Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum, CA
Center for Attitudinal Healing, CA
Circus Center San Francisco, CA
City Arts & Lectures (Nourse Theater), CA
City Arts Magazine, CA
Coming Home Hospice, CA
Commonwealth Club of California, CA
Community Housing Partnership, CA
Community United Against Violence, CA
CounterPulse, CA
CPMC Hospital, CA
Dance Mission, CA
Dawson Dance SF, CA
Footloose Dance Company, CA
Foundation for Adolescent Development, The Philippines
Garrett & Moulton Productions, CA
Gay Men's Health Crisis, NY
Glide Memorial Church, CA
Golden Gate National Parks Association, CA
Ipas, Kenya
Junior Achievement, CA
Kaiser Hospital, CA
le Cambiate, CA
Learning Through Art, The Guggenheim Museum Children’s Program, NY
Maitri Hospice, CA
National Alliance on Mental Illness, CA
ODC Dance, CA
One Brick, CA
Openhouse, CA
Parevar Seva Sanstha, India
Pathfinder International, India
Population Development Association, Thailand
Post:Ballet, CA
ReachOut, The Philippines
Rhode Island Public Interest Research Group, RI
Robert Moses' Kin, CA
RSVP Read Speak Vote Participate (founder), CA
San Francisco AIDS Foundation, CA
San Francisco Food Bank, CA
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA
San Francisco SPCA, CA
San Francisco Theater Company, CA
San Francisco Village, CA
SF Small Dog Beach Walk (founder), CA
SOCAP (Social Capital Markets), CA
Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Stern Grove Festival, CA
St. Luke's Hospital, CA
The SF LGBTQ Center, CA
United Way, CA
URI Arts Council, RI
URI Student Entertainment Committee (board member), RI
URI Student Lecture Series (board member), RI
URI Student Senate, RI
URI Weekenders (founder), RI
URI Yearbook, RI
USCF Hospital, CA
Volunteer Center, CA
Volunteer Match, CA
WPLR Radio, CT
WRIU Radio, RI
Yale-New Haven Hospital, CT (age 13-16)
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, CA
Z Space, CA